Services Provided

Spiritual direction


Contact me via phone or E-Mail to set up a time to meet.  The first session is a "Get to Know" each other and will it be a good fit as a Director/Directee.  I can explain more about Spiritual Direction and you can tell me more of what you are seeking.  The first session is free.

Labyrinth Walk


Introductions and Labyrinth Walk

This is the perfect workshop for a group who is new to the history and use of the Labyrinth.  I will give a 20 minute introduction to what, why, and how to walk a Labyrinth followed by the participants walking the Labyrinth.

Labyrinth Walk and Devotion

Is your church celebrating a special event or anniversary.  Is there a liturgical season for which you would like a Labyrinth walk as a contemplative means of celebrating advent or Lent, Holy week, Easter, or Pentecost.  Do you wish to have a Labyrinth ritual created for a marriage or rite of passage or anniversary of the death of a loved one?  The Labyrinth is the perfect way to gather people together.  In consultation with you, I will help you create just the right devotion or worship for your event.

Spiritual Direction

Labrynth Walk