Pastor Kim Barker-Brugman

Spiritual Direction with Soul Story Ministries




    Telling our stories around the kitchen table at dinner time is an ancient practice that has gone by the wayside.  With our living apart from our families it is hard to find the space and time to share our life story with another.  In our modern world we may blog or tweet our story but to sit and speak face to face – heart to heart with a real person makes the story come alive.  In the richness of that time you can see God in all you do and ponder what God wants you to do as you live out your life story.  As a pastor and spiritual director I can help you make that connection between your day to day living and the presence of the Holy One. 

What is Soul Story Ministries

   Soul Story Ministries was created to help individuals find a safe place to share the story of their lives and through that make a deeper and more intentional connection with the Divine.      Soul Story Ministries was created to help people – as individuals or as a group – deepen our life with the Divine. 

As a retreat and workshop leader and labyrinth facilitator I can help your group study and explore any aspect of your faith and spiritual life.

Spiritual direction:  I am available via Skype, Zoom, email, phone, and in person.  I live in Lorton, Virginia and have offices in Fredericksburg, Nokesville, and Springfield  VA.  I will listen and pray with you.  I can guide you in developing new prayer and/or deeper prayer practices.

Retreats and workshops: Some of the retreats/workshops she has done include:  spiritual gifts, fruits of the spirit, blessings (Genesis 12:1-3), grief, anything with worship or prayer, faith development, family spirituality and parenting, Lectio divina, Celtic Christianity, Joyce Rupp’s books – Praying our Goodbyes and Cup of our Life, St Brigid, Christian clowning, vision/discernment, Bible themes and studies, compassion, monasticism, mystics, 4 Teresa’s, Hildegard of Bingen, and Julian of Norwich and many more.  Rev. Barker-Brugman loves to research and create and will be glad to create the perfect workshop/retreat for you and your group.

On-line classes: stay tuned

Labyrinth workshops/retreat: I have a 24 foot canvas labyrinth of Chartre design.  See Upcoming Events.

Drama sketches: Esther, Mrs. Isaiah, the Bent over Woman, Woman at the well, and Susanna Wesley just to name a few.